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Delays At The LTB: How A Paralegal Can Help

The delays at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) has been a topic of great concern for many affected parties for quite some time.

Prior to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic, there were cases where applicants waited up to four months or longer for a hearing date. According to a press release earlier this year from Ombudsman Paul Dubé’s office, given the recent surge in complaints, an investigation into the serious delays at the LTB, will be conducted.

Until such time as an investigation is completed, new adjudicators appointed and additional changes made, people feel they have been left without a remedy.

This feeling is even more pervasive given the current suspension of all in-person hearings. Following the LTB’s news release on March 19, 2020, hearings for matters not relating to evictions were expected to proceed by telephone or in writing.

There have indeed been telephone hearings since that announcement, but the question remains, how many of these hearings were non-urgent and related to applications filed prior to the pandemic? Those applications would still be awaiting a hearing date.

Although it is clear that one of the major contributory factors to the delays is the lack of sufficient adjudicators, one major issue is also the number of applications filed by both landlords and tenants that end up only creating further delays.

It is crucial for the public to note that paralegals provide a very meaningful role in assisting with landlord and tenant matters. Before you file that application consult with a paralegal. In fact, you may end up not even requiring a hearing following your consultation.

Some LTB matters are resolved through settlement agreements. This has been increasingly the case since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do not end up being that landlord or tenant awaiting a hearing for several months only to be told at the hearing, that there are deficiencies with the documents filed and the matter cannot proceed as originally intended.

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