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AJ Murray Legal Services P.C.

AJ Murray Legal Services Professional Corporation is a paralegal firm with offices in Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa. We provide top class legal services with our client’s needs in mind. We empathize and guide you through your legal issues with professionalism. It is our belief that legal matters that are handled in a professional and civil manner provide for a better outcome. We will take you through negotiations to litigation.


Amri Murray

Founder and President

Licensed Paralegal

Amri Murray is a Licensed Paralegal and Notary public who is very experienced with handling Small Claims Court matters, Human Rights, Landlord and Tenant disputes along with Provincial Offences. Amri holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law with Honors from the University of London. She advanced as the top student of her paralegal graduating class with an award of merit.

Notary Public

Amri is a knowledgeable and well-respected professional who gained valuable legal experience and insight while employed at one of the most prestigious law firms in Canada. With over 13 years of experience within the legal industry, Amri seeks to do her part in utilizing our justice system to preserve the basic values of fairness, honesty, and equality for all.

AJ Murray Paralegal Services


We regularly appear before the Landlord and Tenant Board, the Small Claims Court, the Ontario Court of Justice, the Human Rights Tribunal, among various other Tribunals. The firm is built on principles of Sincerity, Integrity and Dependability. We strongly believe in treating people the way we would want to be treated.

We therefore invest extensive time and effort into every case we handle to provide the best possible results for our clients. We sincerely care about the legal issues affecting our clients and work closely with our clients to ensure they understand the process in its entirety.


We function mainly as that central point of contact for people who need assistance navigating through the Canadian legal system which can prove to be quite complex.


We are ready to help those who may be faced with legal issues to be heard before the Landlord and Tenant Board, the Small Claims Court or the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario


Paralegals are licensed, trained legal professionals who are regulated by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), the same regulatory body for lawyers. When it comes to legal representation and advice you have options.

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