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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose AJ Murray?

AJ Murray is one of the top paralegal minds whose main objective is to help you succeed. AJ Murray will spend the time to figure out the best possible way to help you succeed despite challenges and complexities. AJ Murray is deeply passionate about helping you fight for your legal rights against all those who may seek to trample upon your rights.  We are committed to providing access to justice for all members of our society.  Our vision is to provide widespread legal representation for  those of you who may feel that your only option is to represent yourself or those who may feel you should not pursue your legal rights because you simply cannot afford a lawyer.

When faced with certain legal issues, you may not need a  lawyer. A paralegal is able to assist you with several legal matters. We will provide legal advise and representation.

When searching for a paralegal, you may wonder if you even need an attorney. It is important to know for something this important, is it smart to try to go it alone? Small Claims don't need hiring an lawyer.

What will I receive for the Paralegal Retainer?

Simply stated, you will receive superior service through careful consideration, confident counsel and unprecedented knowledge by the regions top legal team that is both efficient and effective.

How do I know if a paralegal has a licence?

Paralegals in Ontario are licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Ontario, which also regulates and provides licenses for all lawyers in Ontario. The Law Society began issuing the first paralegal licenses to grandparent applicants who fulfilled all the necessary licensing requirements (including insurance) in April 2008. Paralegals who provide legal services to the public must carry professional liability insurance in accordance with By-Law 6, Part II, section 12 (1). Licensees must provide written proof of their compliance with this requirement to carry mandatory insurance before they begin providing legal services, as well as on an annual basis. To know if a paralegal is licensed, go to the website of the Law Society of Ontario –

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